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Commercial Licensing
Commercial Licensing:

This licensing applies to font files only, for use in internal or external user created applications. For Barcode Tool licensing, please see the individual barcode tool pages.

Regardless of your licensing model no barcode fonts on this site are warranted to cover any particular purpose. The user takes all responsability for the use of the font. Also, if your using one of my barcode fonts within your business please feel free to let me know. I enjoy hearing back from users.

DEVELOPERS: A .NET & COM DLL, as well as a Crystal Reports UFL,  to convert code 128 is now available free for all paid license levels (and at a low cost for free license levels.) If you would like to preview the functionality within a sample project please go to this page to download. I'm hoping this will save you a lot of work in generating your own conversion algorithm.

Crystal Reports users please read this: The sample UFL is 32 bit only and recommended only for 32 bit systems. A new function is being offered for Crystal Reports Versions 11 and above that embeds all the code in a Crystal Reports formula without the need of a separate UFL to be installed. The trial for that function will only create a static barcode, as there is no way to do a demo without releasing the sources. Purchases of the Crystal Reports UFL or a commercial license will also include a free download of the embedded native Crystal Reports code for more modern versions of Crystal Reports.

License Price Purchase Features
Free Free   The free license is for personal and commercial use. Commercial use is limited to internal usage, such as inventory management, ID cards, etc. The barcode font should not be distributed outside of your company. Link backs to my site are always appreciated.
Application $75.00 Add to Cart
The application level is designed for licensing a barcode font for use with one commercial (or shareware) application. This allows the license holder to distribute unlimited copies of a font with their application. Multiple applications require multiple licenses. Includes free Code128 Encoder DLL For .NET, COM, and Crystal (download a copy of the sample project for evaluation prior to purchase.)
Unlimited $250.00 Add to Cart
The unlimited license is designed for companies with multiple applications requiring barcode fonts. If you have multiple applications requiring a barcode font, or you expect to create multiple applications in the future this may be your best bet. Includes free Code128 Encoder DLL For .NET, COM, and Crystal (download a copy of the sample project for evaluation prior to purchase.)
Add To Cart And Checkout with:
code 128 font converter

If your considering using any of my barcode fonts within your application feel free to use them, test them, and integrate them within your application. Just be sure to license them prior to distribution.

Developer Notes:

A small investment for incredible additions to functionality. Adding barcodes to your application is like giving you customer the fastest, most accurate data entry specialist there is. Accurate data entry, every time, with a small investment from you for design and a small investment from your customer in hardware. 

Give your customers the ability to enter it right, every time!


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