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Installing Free Barcode Fonts:

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Installing barcode fonts on Windows systems is pretty easy. If your installing from the zip archive, first download the archive. Then extract it (it is important to extract the files, not just view it in archive explorer.) Then:

Windows XP:
Go to control panel and open it. Then, find the fonts folder and double click on it. Finally, drag the fonts (files ending in .ttf) into the fonts folder.

Windows Vista:
After extracting the fonts, right click on each font and select "install" in the popup menu.

On both systems it is very likely that you will not see the fonts until after you reboot.

Most barcodes require a start, stop, and check digit to read back from a scanner. They cannot just be typed and scanned. For more information, please see the read me files in the zip files downloaded. Click here to view our barcode tools.

Developers, looking for a quick Code 128 implementation? Check out the DLL for Windows and the UFL for Crystal Reports.

Code 128 Font file only (Windows Installer) - Includes Free Variant B ONLY Java EncoderFREEDownload
Code 128 Font File (Raw Files) Zip Archive with free Variant B Java EncoderFREEDownload
Codabar Font File Zip Archive FREEDownload

Installing Free Barcode FontsDeveloper Notes:
It can be quite a trick to install fonts on Windows machines. There are a few rules, though, that can allow an installer  to install the free barcode fonts on both XP and Vista.

1) User MUST have administrator access to install. Most install applications allow you to specify this as a requirement.

2) The fonts should be installed in the Windows volume font folder, but this is NOT a requirement. The fonts can, in fact, be installed anywhere but the font folder is the preferred area for storage.

This will get you through an XP install, but it's not going to help you with Vista. In fact, Vista makes it difficult but it can be done reliably if you manually write the font into the registry. If you dont write the font into the registry Vista will not find it on it's own, no matter what you do.

The proper registry key for fonts is "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts" You need to set the subkey to the font name and the subkey value to the path to the font. Any font stored in the fonts folder is considered local.

For instance, If I were setting the value for a code128bwin.ttf font in the fonts folder, I would set the key to "Code128BWin" and the value to "code128bwin.ttf." However, if the font were stored at c:\somefolder I would set the key to "Code128BWin" and the value to "c:\somefolder\code128bwin.ttf."

In any event, you should ensure the user is forced to restart before expecting the font to be available. 


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