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I receive a lot of requests for bulk purchases of Office add ins. If your looking for more than a couple for your company, typically it is considerably less expensive to integrate a custom solution that you can use company wide without additional licensing.

For instance, a typical search and barcode macro for Word, including a dll licensing fee is under $230.00 (four hours of work) to develop. For that amount of money a custom solution can be developed that does exactly what you need, vs a purchase of 9 generic add ins, that are not custom created for your company. Best of all, you can distribute it within your company without additional licensing. You own the finish product.

Granted, larger projects (like direct Word / Database connections, for instance,) may take longer and cost more. However the savings on the part of the companies involved are tremendous, not only in the initial outlay of funds, but also in the time saved in automation. If your looking at bulk purchases, please contact me and let me know what your system set up is, and what your trying to do. While I will quote large purchases at large savings, chances are a direct, custom project will work better in the long run and be cheaper initially.

With years of experience in barcoding, applications development, and database design and maintanence we are available to consult on any project. Have your own developers? No problem! We are here to help you build your business. Need expert advice? We're here.

Consulting rates: $30.00 - $50.00 USD per hour, depending on scope of work.

Past Projects Include:

Inventory management with barcoding, mail merging for Global Express Tracking barcodes, custom two dimensional barcode design to a newly invented spec. ID Cards and identity documents with multiple barcode specifications. Web based bacoding solutions for inventory control and order management, as well as customer notifications of shipping information.

If it's barcodes, we can do it.

Barcode ConsultingDeveloper Notes:
Don't go it alone! More projects fail because of a single missed idea than anything else. With my experience in database design, barcode implementation, postal codes, and applications development I will help your project succeed!


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