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With the economy where it is, barcodes are hot! Companies are looking at automation and it's become quite a hot commodity. For that reason, we have decided to affiliate.

Our affiliate program is being coordinated with, a third party affiliate and shopping cart provider. This keeps the guess-work out of the sale, and eliminates the concerns that all affiliates have of fraud. A third party is tracking all sales and commissions. If your interested in selling our products for a 25% commission, please sign up at the affiliate sign on page.

Payouts are made only via Paypal and are made within 15 days of the month following the sales month. For instance, if your commision for January sales was $327.50 (a real possibility,) you would be paid by February 15th.

Affiliates are credited for sales made as much as 6 months after the initial referral link is clicked, giving the customer plenty of time to evaluate the software and still register, giving you credit for the sale. Links will be provided by e-Junkie. We do not provide banners as we feel they are so prevalent they are not a great source of income for us or our affiliates. e-Junkie will provide a link for posting on your website with default text. We highly recommend changing the default text to a text link that will fit in on your site. 

If your interested in entering this hot market, sign up today!

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