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Code 128 Barcode Add-In For Microsoft® Word®:
Adding barcodes to Word can be hard, or it can be easy. This Word barcode add in elimates all the cutting and pasting of image barcodes from websites, as well as cutting and pasting from barcode fonts. In fact, this Word Barcode add in is the best of both worlds. The accuracy of a font based barcode with the ease of use of a barcode image. While you can have barcodes embedded in your text, you can also float text barcodes above your Word document and simply drag them to the location you need. This Word Barcode add in works for all versions of Word from Word 2000 through Word 2010 (32 and 64 bit versions) running on Microsoft Windows.

Before starting out, please see my tutorial for Barcodes in Word and Excel.

Word Barcode Add in

Until registered, barcodes created with this tool contain the word "DEMO."

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Harness The Power Of Barcode Mail Merge: Video Tutorial
(Requires The Barcode Add In For Excel)

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VBA Developers - Use The COM DLL

Built on a base of the Code 128 Barcode set, the Word Barcode Add In allows encoding all the standard alphanumeric characters, as well as most punctuation. The Word Barcode Add In shifts between Code 128 variant sets, making the shortest barcodes possible for the data your encoding. It's fast, it's accurate, and it's inexpensive. I believe you would be hard pressed to find an equivalent product at this price anywhere.

To install, download the Word Barcode installer. Run the installer. The code 128 barcode fonts will be added to your system font directory and the Word barcode add in file will be installed in your systems Word startup folder.  You must restart your computer before the fonts will be available in Word.

To create a barcode in Word:

Word 2007-Word 2010:
Go to the "Add Ins" tab and click the barcode creation menu. Then, select the menu item for either building a barcode from the selection or building a floating barcode. Or, after selecting text right click the text and select the Quick Barcode menu.

Prior versions of Word:
Go to the Tools menu and and click the barcode creation menu. Then, select the menu item for either building a barcode from the selection or building a floating barcode. Or, after selecting text right click the text and select the Quick Barcode menu.

Template Based Barcode Creation Is Here!
To use template based barcode creation, surround the template field that needs to be barcoded with the following tags: [C128]<<field>>[/C128] (there is a menu item to do this for you.) Then, after creating a document from the template, run the Auto Create Barcodes menu item. All text between the [C128] tags will be converted to code 128. This also works with any types of merges, including a mail merge from any data source.

If you're exporting from a template into a Word compatible file, you can configure this add in to automatically search for [C128] tags when opening all files, saving you from manually having to run the macro upon opening the document. If needed, you can even set the macro to automatically print the document after creating the barcodes. Once the export is complete and word opens the file, it can essentially do everything for you, including printing the document.

A number of options are available to make creation easier. Within the options dialog you may set the barcode size (either standard or large), the point size of the generated barcode, a well as caption font, size, and formatting options for floating barcodes.

Word Barcode Add InCustomer Support:
To access customer support, simply navigate to and initiate a support ticket. Your privacy is important to us. We will not sell, give away, loan, lend, or in any way misuse your email address. You can expect emails from us for two reasons. Either we are responding to a support request you have initiated or we are informing you about a substantial update in software you have registered (upgrades are normally free.) We do not SPAM. We do not tolerate SPAM. Period.


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