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Code 128 Barcode Tools:

DLLs For Windows & Crystal Reports Available Here

Free Barcode FontsCode 128 Barcode Add In For Word:
Stop that cutting and pasting that takes forever. This Word Code 128 barcode add in allows you to not only have inline code 128 barcodes, but to float code 128 barcodes above your document for perfect positioning...
(Video Demo)  |  (More Info & Download)
Free Barcode FontsCode 128 Barcode Add In For Excel®:
Need a lot of code 128 barcodes? Need them fast? How about this tool with an office / word mail merge. This add in creates a function, like any other function in Excel, that creates Code 128 Barcodes quick and easy...
(Video Demo)  |  (More Info & Download)
Code 128 Barcodes For OpenOffice Calc:
Need a lot of code 128 barcodes? Need them fast? How about this tool with a mail merge.  CROSS PLATFORM FOR WINDOWS, MACINTOSH, AND LINUX.
(More Info & Download)
Free Barcode FontsCode 128 Converter .NET:
Don't have Office but need code 128 barcodes? No problem! While a touch slower than an office add in, this application is designed to generate and paste barcodes into documents quickly and efficiently...
(Video Demo)  |  (More Info & Download)

Code 128 Free Barcode Fonts:

The Free Barcode Font Code 128 is my personal favorite of all the linear free barcode fonts. It is the first free barcode font I created and certainly the shortest of the full ASCII linear barcode fonts and the check digit computation is fairly straightforward. This package includes two free barcode fonts, standard and large. Available here is a free barcode font online tool for creating a code 128 barcode from raw text (please install the free barcode fonts before using.) The free barcode can then be cut and pasted into your document.. For more information on manually computing the check digit for the Code 128 free barcode fonts or more general Code 128 font information check out this page .  I'm putting together some code samples to convert Variant B and they can be found here

If you need a low cost barcode solution for Excel or Word, using free barcode fonts,  there are add ins available here: Barcode Add In For ExcelBarcode Add In For Word

DEVELOPERS: A  DLL to convert code 128 is now available for free to  all paid license levels (for anyone wishing to incorporate the Code 128 font in their own application) and for a  small fee for free license users. If you would like to preview the functionality of my free barcode fonts within a sample project please check out the Code 128 DLL page. I'm hoping this will save you a lot of work in generating your own conversion algorithm.

Code 128 barcodes requires a check digit in the barcode or it will not scan. Unless you are writing your own application to create a barcode you will need a converter. We offer several, including the Desktop Converter, the Free Barcode Font Online ConverterBarcode Add In For Word and Barcode Add In For Excel to create this check digit character in the barcode.

Download: Code 128 Barcode Add In For Word
Download: Code 128 Barcode Add In For Excel
Download: Code 128 Desktop Barcode Converter

Download: Code 128 Free Barcode Fonts Zip Archive (Font Files Only)
Download: Code 128 DLLs (COM & .NET) For Windows

Interleaved 2 OF 5 Barcode Tools:

I2OF5 Barcodes For Word:
Stop that cutting and pasting that takes forever. This Word add in allows you to not only have inline barcodes, but to float barcodes above your document for perfect positioning...
(More Info & Download)

I2OF5 Barcodes For OpenOffice Calc:
Need a lot of barcodes? Need them fast? How about this tool with a mail merge.  CROSS PLATFORM FOR WINDOWS, MACINTOSH, AND LINUX.
(More Info & Download)

Interleaved 2 OF 5 Free Barcode Fonts:

Interleaved 2 of 5 is a symbology that encodes numbers in even lengths (ie 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc...) by encoding pairs of numbers in both the bars and spaces of the barcode, making a fairly short barcode for it's density. This symbology does not require a check digit, but encoding in it can be a chore as each bar and space need to be separately encoded (for each pair of digits there are 10 bars and spaces, either narrow or wide.)

Download: I2OF5 Free Barcode Fonts Zip Archive

Codabar Free Barcode Fonts:

Free Barcode FontsMy Codabar free barcode fonts make a handy little barcoding symbology that will encode 0-9, $, -, +, :, ., / very well. It does not require a check digit so it can be typed from the keyboard without any complicated mathmatics. It requires a start digit(a, b, c, or d) and a stop digit (a, b, c, or d.) The start and stop digit will also be returned by the scanner, so it will be displayed in the scan line returned from your scanner. This package contains two free barcode fonts, a medium and large size. More info on the Codabar free barcode fonts can be found here.

Download: Codabar Free Barcode Fonts Here

Postnet Barcode Tools:

PostNet Add In For Excel:
Create Postnet barcodes easily for your mailing lists with Excel.
(More Info & Download)

Postnet Free Barcode Fonts:

Free Barcode FontsPostnet is used for encoding on USPS postal mail. This Postnet free barcode font comes in one size and is recommended to be used at a point size of 16, 17, or 18. This barcode requires a start, stop, and check digit. To encode this for you I have designed an Excel barcode add in for a very competitive price, or it can be done manually.

Download: Postnet Add In For Excel & Font Archive Only

Code 93 Free Barcode Fonts:

Free Barcode FOntsI have designed this free barcode font in medium and large sizes. This has been barely tested! It includes free barcode fonts in two seperate sizes for a wide variety of uses. Code 93 has a fairly complicated check digit scheme, and I will have a utility designed for computing these codes soon. For more information on computing the check digit please see


Code 39 Free Barcode Fonts:

Free Barcode FOntsI'm working on a good quality free Code 3 of 9 barcode font. There are a few available online but most are limited in usage. While a fairly large barcode in length, Code 3 of 9 is an excellent barcode font to use as there are no complicated check digits to factor into the code.

Purchasing UPC Barcodes:

OK, your not going to find a free UPC barcode font here, but you are going to get a quick talk about how to purchase them. The only legitimate way to have a real UPC barcode, acceptable everywhere, is to go through GS1.  The reason for this is that a UPC product identifier identifies the company that is providing the item, as well as identifying the item itself. While it is certainly possible to purchase a unique UPC barcode from a reseller, it very likely will not be accepted from large retailers because the company prefix in the barcode is the barcode resellers company, not your company. Please do some research before purchasing a Universal Product Identifier from any source other than THE source, GS1.

Free Barcode FontsCustomer Support:

To access customer support, simply navigate to and initiate a support ticket. Your privacy is important to us. We will not sell, give away, loan, lend, or in any way misuse your email address. You can expect emails from us for two reasons. Either we are responding to a support request you have initiated or we are informing you about a substantial update in software you have registered (upgrades are normally free.) We do not SPAM. We do not tolerate SPAM. Period. 

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